A Million Steps!

On my walk today the pedometer registered 12,591 steps –  over six miles (approximately 10 kilometers).  That brings the total number of steps registered during my walks to 1,006,213.  That’s a BIG number!

Several times I’ve walked at my normal pace from end line to end line on football fields to determine the length of my average stride so I could calculate the distances I cover in my walks.  The most I’ve taken is 107 steps, and the least is 106.  So, 107 steps per 300 feet calculates to 2.8 feet per step.  But to be conservative I use a rate of 2.6 instead when I calculate how far I’ve walked.  I figure that the length of my stride probably shortens as I near the end of a walk.  And I occasionally take small steps when I stop to take a photo.

Using the 2.6 rate results in a total of 495.48 miles.

As I type this, fireworks are going off everywhere in the neighborhood, almost continuously – from little pop-pop-pops, sssssssssss booms, to big booms, and occasionally REALLY BIG BOOMS – sounds and feels like the house next door just blew up – my window panes even rattle.  It sounds like I’m living in a war zone.  Whoever is setting the big ones off has been doing it for the past three days.  Plus, if I look out my back windows I can see community firework shows in every direction, at least the ones that explode real high.  I’m glad the 4th of July comes just once a year!



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5 responses to “A Million Steps!

  1. Dave

    You could have walked to Orlando and back

  2. Sethy

    A million sparks of fireworks for your million steps!!

    You are a one-man Million Man Great Guy !!!

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