Fix-up At Last – Plus a Video

Periodically over the years I’ve decided that I was going to do some fixing-up around the house.

I have wall paper in the master bedroom, one bathroom, the dining room and the kitchen.  I HATE wallpaper – any kind – anywhere!!  One bedroom is painted an ugly glossy yellowish color.  Another is a God-awful dreary depressing gray.  In my opinion ALL walls should be white!  Each bedroom closet has two thick, heavy wooden sliding doors that are ugly as Sin!  I prefer the lighter louvered kind.

I’ve been in this house 21 years, longer than I’ve lived in any other, and  I can’t believe that I’ve done nothing about this all this time.   I have done some things – I got all new appliances, toilets, window treatments, sink and shower taps and exhaust fans in the bathrooms and above the stove.  I also had the exterior repainted and twice replaced the roof, once because of hurricane damage.  But whenever I decided to make the interior more to my liking, I would lie down until the feeling went away.

But, finally, I took action.  I hired a handyman who has done some work for me in the past. (You didn’t think I would do it myself, did you?  With my ten left thumbs and total lack of do-it-yourself aptitude?)  Two bedrooms and one bathroom have been completed already.  What a difference white makes!  The rooms look so much bigger.  Another week to ten days and the work will be completed.  I can hardly wait.  I hate the necessary mess while the work is in process, and I hate being confined to the house during the day.  But, it’s worth it to finally have the house the way I like it.


Here is the latest video I uploaded to my YouTube channel – about a minute and a half of the flamingos at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida doing what flamingos do.  They are about the silliest looking things.

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