Picture Post – 7/26

Fix-up work in my house has been progressing rapidly.  Two bedrooms, one bathroom and the dining room are now almost finished.  Only painting of door jambs and doors remain.  Next comes the  kitchen and my bedroom.

I am getting frustrated by the necessity of staying home all day, though – crimps my style!  I am used to getting out and about.  I have to plan for everything to be accomplished in the evenings or on the weekend.  I’m also not thrilled with the mess while work is being done, being an order freak, but realize it is necessary.

Nevertheless, I have still been getting out for my walks and taking photos.  Here are a few.

Condos and apartments surrounding a lake nearby.

Unusual looking flower – ugly but colorful.

Row of trees – photoshopped ‘cuz it was sorta blah.  Looks better enlarged.

Weird partial horizontal rainbow I saw from my kitchen window.

Lake at the edge of the park where I shoot hoops.


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