Renovations Now Complete!

Woot! Woot!  Interior renovations are now complete!  No more messes.  Everything is back in its proper place.  Well – except for rehanging stuff on the walls.  I’ll soon get around to that, but in the meantime I’m enjoying looking at the white walls.  White makes every room look so much bigger and brighter.     And next week the painting of the exterior will commence.

Now I ask myself – “Why didn’t I have this done years ago?”

Nothing else is happening which is worthy of writing about – so here are a few more recent photos.

I had lunch with friends at a restaurant right on Deerfield Beach.  Naturally, I had my camera with me.  I caught this young lady in the midst of serving on a volleyball court.

A bunch of noisy budgies on electric wires.  Not so sharp because of handheld camera zooming – looks better enlarged.

Sunset in Pembroke Pines.

Because of almost constant weather fronts moving in, both from the West and East, often simultaneous, South Florida skies are most times spectacular.  This is the view when I left the house for my walk last night.  – both eerie and beautiful.

Another view at same time.  The colors disappeared just seconds after I took this.

I took this photo of a large family of ducks a few weeks ago.  When I looked at the photo I thought the feather pattern on one of the ducklings looked strange, so I cropped the photo and enlarged it. Someone must have picked it up when it was tiny and wrote on it.



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3 responses to “Renovations Now Complete!

  1. vicky

    hello sir,
    i enjoyed your blog really much and also your photos. I would like your permission to use the “budgies on electric wires” one in a project i am making. I am doing this for my home and not for sale. Also i am planing to make a how to tutorial and post it on and if you let me i will also post the link to your blog.
    Greetings from Greece, Vicky!

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