The Man With No Hair

The human mind is amazing and sometimes weird.  It dutifully records and files away everything it experiences and makes most of it instantly available to our consciousness which enables us to function.   It can  be stubborn, though, occasionally denying access to some information such as where we left our keys or someone’s name.  And sometimes, completely unsolicited, it brings things to consciousness that have lain dormant for decades – something my mind did to me this week.

One summer when I was in high school during a visit to my sister and her family we learned of an unusual thing that had happened to a cousin of my brother-in-law.  Seems he woke up one morning and discovered that every hair on his body had fallen out over night.  And I mean EVERY hair – eye brows, eye lashes, nose hairs etc., etc.  His doctors could not explain why; nor did they have any idea whether the hair loss was temporary or permanent.   He was at the time in his mid twenties.

It turned out that his condition was permanent.  I had never met him but had seen photographs of him.  He was quite good looking with hair.  In later years I did see him twice; once in church and another time at a wedding reception – but I’ve never spoken to him.

He was unusual looking, to say the least.  He wore glasses with extra large lenses and thick black plastic frames – to hide the fact that he had no eye brows.  He wore a full wig which looked humorously obvious.  It could have been an expensive custom made wig but still would have been obvious because he had no sideburns or neck hairs for it to blend into.

I don’t know if he is still living.  If he were he would now be in his late 70’s or early 80’s.  I also have no idea why my memories of him suddenly popped into my consciousness.  I had not even thought of him for at least thirty years.  Nor can I think of any reason I would.  😕



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2 responses to “The Man With No Hair

  1. Dave

    Random Long Term Recal (RLTR) (unofficially named by me)happens alot for me. Almost scary in a way. I think the reason would have to be something unordinary or extraordinary to impress upon the mind.

    • Ed

      Heehee…. Actually those incidents don’t bother me. I just wonder: “Where did that come from?” What really freaks me out is when I consciously call up a memory and I experience it in my mind with shocking clarity. For example, if I recall an embarrassing incident that happened when I was in high school more than 50 years ago I actually feel the same embarrassment as if it were happening in the present.

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