Where Have I Been?

Heehee……..  I have been away from the Blogland for a spell.  Most of my absence was involuntary.  Seems I had a rather lengthy and unpleasant case of the stomach flu!  Yech!!

It is a mystery to me how I contacted it.  The term “stomach flu” actually is a catchall term describing several types of gastrointestinal maladies, but is in most cases the result of a food  borne microbe or virus – generally due to improper preparation or unsanitary preparation.  But I have gone over and over in my mind everything I had ingested during a time period that it would have taken to incubate – and I haven’t a clue.

I had baked a casserole at 450° F.  When I ate it it was so hot it burned my tongue.  I could have prepared it on the kitchen floor and still no microbe could have survived the oven.  I had a cup of black coffee – the instant kind made with boiling water.  I had 6 oz. of V-8 juice poured directly from a small individual serving can which I took from the refrigerator and popped the top before pouring.

I also had a small serving of fresh blueberries with a bit of milk and maybe a half teaspoon of sugar.  I’m always very careful about washing fresh fruits and veggies, especially blueberries which have so many tiny jagged edges around the stem which can harbor microbes.  I put the portion I select in a small dessert cup and run cold water over the berries while shaking them continuously.  Then, I drain them and fill the dessert cup with cold water and shake it mildly for maybe 20 or 30 seconds, drain that water and finally run cold tap water over them again, before emptying them onto a clean paper towel and patting them dry.

That’s it – the sum total of food I ingested in the 15 hours before the first symptoms occurred.  I can’t believe that any of those foods could have caused the 96 hours of pure agony I endured.  It is one great mystery!

Oh, well, it is now all behind me now and I am once again as good as new – or probably more appropriately “as good as old” .

And that is why I have been absent from Blogland for a while.


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