Friday Night Football

Last year I posted about attending a football game for the first time since 1968.  Well Friday night I went to a high school football game for the first time since I was in high school!  And, that was way back in nineteen mumfty mumff!  😀

The game was between the two Pembroke Pines public high schools – Flanagan High and Pembroke Pines Charter.  It is an annual game for the Mayor’s Cup and bragging rights in the city until next year.

When I first moved to Pembroke Pines in the mid-1980s the city had no public high school.  Each of the adjacent cities had high schools very close to the city borders so Pembroke Pines residents attended those schools.  But the city grew so rapidly in the 1990s that several new high schools were built, both public and private.  The 1990 population was 65,000; by 2000 it had reached 147,000; and in the 2010 census is over 154,000.

When Flanagan High opened in 1996 it had over 6,000 students, which made it the largest school in Florida by student population.  It was so overcrowded that lunch periods had to be staggered with some students having to have their lunch at 9 AM.  Over time, with the addition of more high schools, the number of students at Flanagan has been reduced to 3,200.

The game was fun.  The “Good Guys”, Flanagan High, won 43 – 13 – even though they wore black and their opponents wore white.  There was only a small crowd on hand at the start of the game, but by the 2nd quarter the place was packed and noisy.  The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel put a photo from the game on its front page Saturday.

I took a few photos which I will put in my next post.  I also took a few short videos.  Here is the opening kickoff where the poor lad from Pembroke Pines Charter who caught the ball was quickly buried.

I also recorded a portion of the Flanagan marching band and color guard’s halftime show.  I don’t particularly like their marching style.  In fact I don’t even consider it marching – to me it is closer to dance.  Nevertheless, I think they did a pretty good job considering they had only a week to learn the music and the routines.


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