Pictures, Video and another Football Game

Wow!  I hadn’t attended a high school football game for over a half-century and now I have been to two in just eight days!

Friday night I went to a game between the West Broward Bobcats and the Cooper City Cowboys.  Cooper City High is the school that kids in my neighborhood attended prior to the opening of Flanagan High School.  West Broward is the newest high school in Pembroke Pines, having opened in 2008.  It is located at the extreme western edge of the city, practically in the Everglades.  Each school has over 2,500 students.

The game was a home game for West Broward but it was played at Cooper City’s field.  West Broward has a football field but as yet has no stadium so they play their “home” games at either Cooper City or Flanagan.

It was a bit confusing.  Even though Cooper City was the “visiting team” their fans filled the large grandstand which extended from end zone to end zone – the “home” side, and West Broward fans sat on the smaller stands on the “visitor” side.  But the public address announcer was from West Broward.

The scoreboard operator also was temporarily confused.  When the Cowboys scored the first touchdown the six points appeared under “Guests”, which they were technically.  But when the extra point was good it was added under “Cowboys”.  For about a minute the score registered as Cowboys 1 Guests 6, until the operator realized that he couldn’t treat the Cowboys as Guests and record the Bobcats’ score under Cowboys.  It really didn’t matter anyway because Cooper City won 47 – 0.

Here is Cooper City using two passes for one of their scores.  You have to click on the full screen button and pay attention because the plays happen fast.  I was surprised when I viewed the video at home, that my camera’s microphone is so directional that it failed to pick up all the noise and cheering when the Cowboys scored.  The bulk of the crowd was to my right as was the press box.  Also, just moving the camera slightly to the left after the first pass muted the sound of the Bobcats’ band across the field.

Here are a few photos I took in recent days.

I shot these artificial flowers at the cemetery last week – a very impressive display.  It is amazing how real looking artificial flowers have become.  You have to get quite close before you can tell.  If you enlarge the photo you will see how authentic they look. Sadly, it is unusual to find actual live flowers at grave sites now days.

I caught this impressive sunrise one morning last week when I went out to fetch the morning newspapers.

Two leaves that decided to try things on the other side of the fence.

Woo Hoo!  The exterior painting of my house is complete.  I had put off having it done for quite a while, but the elements had done such a job of the fascia boards and the other wood trim I decided to “bite the bullet”.  I was going to remove the reflections on the front window panes in Photoshop but decided to go with reality.

Side view

Rear view.  At one time I had several huge plants in very large pots on the lanai, but every time a hurricane threatened I had to lug them all into the garage along with the patio table and chairs.  They were so heavy I had to use a dolly.  I soon got tired of that, and gave the plants away.  That’s why it looks so barren.


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