Relocating a Wastebasket

Lately I have been at a loss for things to Blog about.  After several months of hectic activity my life has now returned to its’ normal state of mind-numbing boredom.

In fact, the biggest thing going on in my life recently has been trying to adjust to the relocation of a wastebasket.  Don’t laugh!  You see, I’ve lived in my present house since early 1990, and from day one until three weeks ago I had a wastebasket in my bedroom underneath my desk which was beneath the window.  I don’t have a chair for the desk – I don’t ever sit at it.  I keep desk type stuff in the drawers and on the desktop I have only a telephone and an answering machine.  Entering the room, straight ahead,  one could see the wastebasket under the middle of the desk.

I finally decided that it would look better if the wastebasket was moved out of sight behind the further side of my dresser, which is against the wall to the left as you enter the room.  It  took me only 21 years to figure that out!

For the past three weeks I have been trying to reprogram my brain.  But, unless I consciously think to deposit something in the wastebasket in its’ new location I will automatically head for the desk.  That’s where the computer has an advantage over the human brain. When an application is uninstalled it is as if it never existed.  But the brain retains everything and has to be retrained to adjust to new routines.  I know that eventually I will adjust – but so far it has been quite disconcerting.

I suppose I should be pleased that this is my major concern.



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2 responses to “Relocating a Wastebasket

  1. Sethy

    Quite a big thing, if you ask me. I can’t deal very well with things being out of place – memory behavior ingrained and all.

    Oh hi hello and *hugs* too 🙂

  2. Dave

    Sometimes I wish for that kind of boredom. Too much change isn’t good either.

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