Soccer vs. Football

Some differing points of view, thanks to YouTube:

First, John Cleese with the typical “rest-of-the-world”  take on American Football vs. Soccer

Second, Jim Rome with multiple explanations of why Americans will never consider Soccer as a major sport worthy of any sane person’s attention.

What is my view, you ask?  Personally, I am a typical American.  I would rather watch paint dry than watch soccer.  So, I heartily endorse Jim Rome’s arguments.  I also am quite disappointed in John Cleese.  He has lived in the United States for decades.  One would think that should be sufficient time to see the light.   😆

Honestly, nil – nil?  *snore*


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One response to “Soccer vs. Football

  1. naturgesetz

    John Cleese talks about the game, and he’s right. Jim Rome talks about peripherals.

    I’m not especially interested in either game, but American football is ridiculous, and soccer makes sense.

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