Picture Post – 10/11

Here are a few photos taken in recent days.

A high school marching band and cheerleaders at a game I recently attended.

The same photo posterized in Photoshop.  It has to be looked at enlarged to appreciate.  I think it is far better than the original – more like a painting.

Not too far from my house there is a small wetlands park that one can stroll through on a raised wooden walkway.  That’s all it is – wetlands with native South Florida vegetation.  This photo and the one following also have to be viewed enlarged.  There is too much stuff so close together to be appreciated in the size displayed.

This would be really neat if the lily pads were in bloom.

This is the Goodyear Blimp flying over the stadium at the Florida Marlins’ last game.  I think their advertizing would be much more effective if the scrolling area were much wider.  There’s only room for about five letters to be visible at once.


Finally, at a football game the sunset was so impressive that I wanted to capture it along with the players on the field but I knew that exposure would be a big problem.  If I set my camera for the sunset, then the rest of the photo would be too dark to make anything out.  And if I set it for the players on the field the glare from the sky would overwhelm the photo.  I decided to do the former and hope that I could fix the photo with Photoshop.  This is the horrible original.

In Photoshop I selected the entire foreground up to the top of the trees and made it a layer overlapping the original.  Then I applied several more overlapping layers of adjustments of levels, brightness, contrast, vibrancy and color saturation.  When I was finally convinced that I couldn’t do any more to improve it, I flattened all the layers and saved the photo.  Finally, I did some minor editing of that photo. The most difficult thing in the whole process was the initial selection because of the complexity of the border between the sky and the trees.  I had to blow up the photo on the monitor and use a tiny selection brush to select only the trees and leave the sky intact.

If you look at the photo enlarged you will see that the lower portion lacks sharpness, but considering the state of the original I am pleased with it.  But I did make one bad mistake when I did the initial foreground selection.  I wonder if anyone can find it.  I’ll reveal it in my next post.


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  1. Sethy

    Hi Ed just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing well *hugs*


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