Enough Already!! plus an Explanation

I love rain.  I love to drive in it.  Everything looks so fresh and clean.  I love the fresh clean smell of rain.  I love to lie in bed or on the sofa and listen to the patter of the rain against the window or my front room skylights.

But one can get too much of of a good thing.  I mean, I love chocolates but I wouldn’t want to eat an entire pound at one sitting!

I have not seen the Sun in over three days – no awesome Florida skies, no spectacular sunsets -nothing but gray up there all day long!  Heavy rain started a little before noon Sunday and except for occasional short periods of just sprinkles it  hasn’t stopped since.  It’s almost Noon right now and it is still as dark out as when I went out to pick up the newspapers at 7:30.  ENOUGH!!!

There is some hope, though.  The weatherman has promised a dry cold front tomorrow which will bring a couple days of highs in the upper 70’s (26° C) and lows in the lower 60’s (16° C) with almost zero chance of rain.  Yeaaaaa……….!  We’re supposed to be in our dry season, anyway.  The official beginning is October 1st, but  Mother Nature apparently doesn’t pay much mind to man’s schedules.

Now for the explanation.  In my last post I forgot to tell of the error I had made in editing the photo taken of the sunset over the football field that I had included in the previous post.  (Lordy, that is some run-on sentence!)

I feel badly about the oversight.  I worried about thousands of people, unable to locate the error,  eagerly anticipating the answer, and being disappointed. —–     ———————  Well – maybe a few  ———– Well – probably nobody ——– ——–       but I did promise.

When I made the selection of the area to edit I stopped at the top of the trees, not realizing that the portion of the light pole above the trees would be much darker than the lower portion after the edits.  Thus – a two toned light pole!


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