Trash Removal

Today was trash pickup day.  Two days a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays) we place our trash in a required receptacle and leave it next to the street for pickup.  Tuesdays we also have pickup of our recycling stuff – separate bins, one for papers and another for glass, plastics and metals.  Bulk trash has to be placed in the swale on the third Friday of each month.  The cost is $19.46 per month, which I think is quite reasonable.

What used to be a labor intensive process is not anymore.  Where once three people were required, a driver and two laborers, now regular pickup is handled  by the driver alone – just one example of the permanent elimination of jobs through automation or productivity enhancements.

Anyway, I have been wanting to capture our trash pickup on video for many months, but it can occur at any time during the day and I am usually not even aware of it until it is actually happening, or my camera is not nearby when I hear the truck coming.

But today I just happened to have my camera in hand when I heard the roar of a large truck approaching from down the street.  So I rushed outdoors in time to see the pickup truck picking up directly across the street.  Knowing he would then proceed to the end of the street and turn around to work our side, I turned the camera on and waited.

Here it is. Ta da!  – – – Heehee……   I’m sure I’ve demonstrated many times previously in this blog that I am quite easily amused.  😕

I was a little disappointed that the bin in front of the truck wasn’t full, so  I couldn’t capture him emptying it into the back of the truck.  Oh well, it gives me something to look forward to.  😀

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