Miscellanea and Photos, Too

* – Today I decided to attend tonight’s football game between the University of Miami and the University of Virginia.  It’s being played at the Dolphin’s stadium which is just 15 minutes from my house.  I went on the Internet to buy a ticket but found that on-line sales were terminated on game day.  So I decided to drive to the stadium and get my ticket so I could return later and avoid having to wait in the long lines at the ticket booths.

As I neared the stadium I saw numerous electronic signs indicating parking entrances and advising that all cars would be directed to parking spaces by parking attendants, and further; if people were tailgating together their cars would have to enter together.  I was amazed to see many cars already in the parking areas.

Good Grief!  It was 1:30 PM and the game was scheduled for 8:00 PM and people were already started on their tailgating parties.  For certain many of them will be comatose by game time!

I realized that I would have to pay for parking and be directed to a parking space and would either have to stay on the premises for hours – or – get my ticket, leave and return later and pay to park again.  Screw that, thought I.  I will watch the game on TV.

* – I’ve arrived!  After almost 270 posts I have finally made it into the big time blogosphere.  I am getting spam comments almost every day.  Two days ago I got six!   🙄

* – Probably not related to the blog I am now also receiving multiple spam Emails every day.  I have no idea what web site I opened that has triggered this.  I am daily being offered sex by hot local babes and almost daily receive offers of a Russian bride.  I get at least three offers daily of inexpensive Viagra.  But, for some reason, however, the volume of offers of millions of dollars for a nominal outlay has fallen off to only weekly. Clicking of “Delete and Block” obviously has no effect.   😦

* – Reward for reading the preceding drivel – – – photos  😀

While  walking by a jungle-like area that is in the process of being cleared for development I became convinced that this would make for a fantastic photo – and I was completely sober at the time!

Injured player at a high school football game.  Not carted away on a gurney – he was eventually able to stagger back to the bench with some assistance.  What I think is sad is that large brace on his knee – just a teenager and already doomed to a lifetime of knee weakness and pain.

Oh, rest assured someone was punished for putting this young man in that condition – a penalty of 15 whole yards, as evidenced by the yellow penalty hankie at the official’s feet.

Bus Stop





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2 responses to “Miscellanea and Photos, Too

  1. Ethan

    just saying, you should totally check out Somerset Academy Charter High School’s marching band. They’re in Pembroke Pines, and they came out of nowhere with this really great show and are headed to state semi-finals. You can check them out at Boca Raton High School for a competition tomorrow!!

  2. Ed

    I’ll probably be there – that is if no torrential downpours. I actually saw the Somerset Academy football game at Bishop McCarthy but the band wasn’t there.

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