Picture Post – 11/4

My automobile registration renewal application arrived in the mail today.  This year the state of Florida is offering a discount should I choose to renew for two years instead of one.  A one year renewal will cost me $71.85, but I can get two years for $143.00 – – WOW!  I can save 35 cents a year by opting for two years!

Guess what option I will choose.  😉

Actually, ever since I reached a ‘certain age’ I have avoided even insignificant long term commitments.  I don’t even take advantage of real savings on multiple year renewals for things like membership dues or magazine subscriptions.

On a happier note, here are a few recent photos.  All look better enlarged.

I saw this little lizard on my patio screen and he was kind enough to stay still long enough to have his picture taken.  He’s actually just about the same size as here on this page.

Hand painted mural on wall of a saloon on Ocean Drive (Route A1A) in Hollywood.  Decades pass between my visits to bars.  Should I ever enter another I can guarantee that this will not be the one!

Another view of same bar.  Still wonder why this wouldn’t be my choice?

Yikes!  Chuckie lives in a second floor apartment near the ocean in Hollywood!

Somebody should tell them what the prefix “bi-” means.

Looks good enough to eat!

Sunset at football game.


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