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Ah yes, there was a football game at the new FAU stadium Saturday.  The woefully inept and winless Florida Atlantic University Owls played the Arkansas State Red Wolves who were undefeated in their league (The Sun Belt Conference).  The outcome was as expected, although the score (39 to 21) was closer than predicted.

I enjoyed the afternoon.  The atmosphere was great, the weather delightful and I took lots of photos and videos.  But before displaying some I have to explain about the section where I sat and also tell of my heroic  😕  action preventing  possible serious injury to a fellow spectator.

I sat in the “premier seating” section.  The seats were no different from anywhere else in the stadium, but they were located in the upper level between the 40 yard lines and most importantly, I believe, this was the only area where alcoholic beverages could be consumed. (At least that’s what I heard said nearby)

There were no students in that section.  It assume that most of the people there were season ticket holders – they appeared to all know each other.  And most of them eagerly took full advantage of the availability of alcohol, both beer and cocktails.  As the game progressed they became quite animated.  I am, by nature, the opposite – introverted and silent.  As is my custom I sat in my seat and, like a chameleon, quickly and  smoothly blended into the  blue chair back.

Now, to my act of heroism.  There is an old saying – “The Lord protects drunks and little babies.”  This proved to be quite accurate Saturday, because it was purely by happenstance (or divine intervention) that someone who had imbibed a few too many escaped serious injury.

The seat to my immediate right was the only one unoccupied in my row.  The next seat over was occupied by a rather loquacious gentleman who made frequent trips to the concession stand to satisfy his thirst for the brew.  Early in the second half between plays I glanced to my right to check the scoreboard for the time remaining in the quarter.  My neighbor to the right happened to be looking to the left towards the players on the field – and miraculously was in between brews, so his hands were free.  At that very instant a very large and loud and “happy” gentleman in the row behind us  who was on his way towards the aisle headed to the concession area, had stopped, back to the field, to engage in some banter and suddenly lost his balance and began to fall backwards.

Purely by reflex, both I and my neighbor to the right reached out an arm and stopped the man’s fall before his head could could connect with the hard chair back of the seat in the next row.  Man, was he heavy!  Both of us were straining to push him back but gravity was fighting us.  It seemed like a very long time, but it was likely just seconds before some people behind us grabbed the guy’s arms and with us pushing and them pulling, got the guy standing.

Do you think he thanked us profusely for saving him from a fractured skull?  Not at all.  He laughed and resumed his journey without the slightest acknowledgement of our heroic act.   🙄

I’m perturbed at WordPress.  I had uploaded three short high definition videos for this post but discovered upon viewing them that WordPress had lowered the resolution so much that they were unwatchable.  Guess I’ll have to write them a nasty memo!

Here are a few photos from the game:

Arkansas State runner (No. 22) heading into the middle.  You have to enlarge to see the number on his shoulder.  His offensive line is preparing a nice wide path for him.

FAU quarterback over center as receiver goes in motion.

Arkansas State runner (No. 9 – lower left) is attempting an end run but the FAU defender will fend off the block and push him out of bounds.

Arkansas State was surely the better team but FAU definitely had the neater looking uniforms!

The ball carrier has disappeared under the pile.

Arkansas State quarterback is handing off to his running back (No. 22) and again it looks like his line is going to create a big hole for him.  Their line controlled the line of scrimmage throughout the game.

Another example of Arkansas State’s line play.  The FAU defenders spent most of the game running into a wall and being forced backwards.


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