Ignorance vs. Stupidity

I don’t like it one bit when I find out I didn’t know something that I realize I should have.  It hurts my pride.  It demonstrates a degree of intellectual laziness which I’d rather not admit to myself.  But I always swallow my pride and accept.

However, I also always have to soothe my wounded ego by telling myself that my failing was due to ignorance and not to stupidity.  You see, ignorance is correctable but stupid is forever.  😉

I bring this up because of a matter I mentioned in my most recent post.  I wrote that I had planned to post a few videos taken at the FAU football game but WordPress was significantly  lowering the resolution of the videos that I uploaded.  I stated that I was going to write a nasty Email about that to them.

Well, sweet-natured soul that I am, I don’t really write nasty Emails to anybody. ( except in my head, that is. 😆 )   Instead, I very politely brought the issue to the attention of  WordPress’s support people.

You can imagine my embarrassment when I read the almost instant response:

The videos seem to be working well.  Are you clicking the HD button in the top-right of the video when playing it?

Well, DUH!!!

Next post will include those boring exciting vids.



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4 responses to “Ignorance vs. Stupidity

  1. Dave

    This is why I find that changing my response to “polite” even though I dont want to , saves more embarassment

    • Ed

      You are so right. There is very little to be gained by being nasty or sarcastic. And you are more likely to get helpful and positive responses if you are ‘polite’ instead of a jerk.

  2. Sethy

    Neither ignorance nor stupidity. Merely a momentary lapse in functionality.


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