Football Videos

These are the videos I erroneously thought WordPress was lowering the resolution of.  Actually, the videos when played at home are still much sharper than when viewed on WordPress, but I must admit that there is some improvement when the HP button is clicked.

First, a disclosure:  None of the voices that can be heard on the videos is mine.  Nor are any of the body parts which occasionally appear.  I was at all times quiet as a church mouse, and except for the unseen two fingers below the camera lens to hold it steady I kept all of my person behind the camera.

As I mentioned in the picture post on the game,  FAU had not won a game this season.  This opening kickoff was indicative of their ineptitude.

Here is a play early in the 2nd quarter where the quarterback throws a pass directly to a player wearing the wrong color jersey.  Perhaps he is color blind.  There were four defenders closer to the ball than his receivers.

Then, on FAU’s next possession, the strangest thing happened.  At that point their total offense was a negative 13 yards, and they trailed 18 to 0.  After the first play in which the quarterback got tackled for another loss, this hopelessly inept team suddenly began playing like a real football team – a good one, at that!

In three plays – a 39 yard run, a completed pass for 26 yards, and a 14 yard run – they scored a touchdown.

It was amazing.  In their next two possessions into the 3rd quarter they moved the ball with relentless efficiency, both in the air and on the ground, and scored touchdowns each time.  Plus, their defense which had looked like cottage cheese before stopped Arkansas State cold.  FAU was in the lead 21 to 18!  It was only the second time in the season that they were ahead in a game.  In the opening game of the season they led 3 to 0, but eventually lost 41 to 3.

But victory was not to be.  Just as suddenly they reverted to form –  fumbles, interceptions and negative yardage plays on offense, and helplessness on defense – the final score was Arkansas State 39 FAU 21.

As I was leaving the stadium I overheard one fan exclaim, “That was really exciting when it was exciting!”


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