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Passing through the Bakery section of the neighborhood Publix Supermarket one day last week I saw a table loaded with pumpkin pies on sale and naturally picked one up.  Pumpkin Pie (Punkie Pie, as I called it when I was little)  is just about my favorite  non-chocolate desert.  A slice covered with whipped cream ……….. Aaaaaahh!  Damn close to Heaven on Earth in my opinion.  😀

I also got an aerosol can of whipped cream from the Dairy section.  Normally I would buy heavy cream and whip it up at home, but I knew it wouldn’t last over the three or four days it would take for me to finish the pie.  My home made whipped cream gets watery in the refrigerator in a day or so.  Only today I found on the Internet that cream of tartar will stabilize whipped cream as it does meringue.  I will have to try it.

So, that evening after dinner I cut a generous slice of the pie for dessert and buried it in whipped cream.  With eager anticipation I lifted a forkful to my mouth,  and OMG, OMG, OMG!  It was absolutely vile!!   I had to force myself to swallow it and not spit it out onto the plate. I rushed out to the kitchen to verify the horrible truth.  It wasn’t Pumpkin Pie – it was SWEET POTATO PIE!

I hate SWEET POTATO PIE!  – odd, because I like baked sweet potato and mashed sweet potato with butter and salt and pepper – Yum Yum.  But in a pie I just can’t abide it – it’s thoroughly gross.  So I dumped the remainder of the slice and the rest of the pie into the garbage disposal.  Next time I will read the label in the store.

Happily, I had a much more pleasant experience in the area of food recently with the temporary return of McRibs at McDonalds.  For the second year in a row McDonalds brought back   McRibs nationwide for a three week period from the last week in October through November 14th.  Last year it was for a longer period – Bummer!

I am ashamed to admit it but I am a McRib addict.  I know full well that the McRib is not good for me.  It is 500 calories and the meat has to be at least 90% fat.  Lord knows what is in the patty other than ground pork that gives it its rubbery texture.  Actually, I don’t want to know.   😕   But smothered with a fantastic barbeque sauce; topped with fresh onions and pickles; – and on a tasty bun – it is to die for!

However, I limited myself to just two McRibs a week during the time they were available – only through the exercise of a monumental level of self control!  Now begins the long wait for its return next year.

This YouTube video from 2010 demonstrates the lengths that people will go to satisfy this craving.  Previous to last year there was no simultaneous nationwide availability of McRibs.  So web sites were actually established to report sitings of McDonalds restaurants that had them.



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2 responses to “Food Stuff

  1. naturgesetz

    I had a couple of McRibs this year — my first ever. They were very tasty. I had seen an ad and thought they might be fun to try. The I saw an item on a blog which amounted to scare tactics based on junk science about a trace ingredient in the buns. After reading that, I definitely wanted to have some.

  2. naturgesetz

    BTW, pumpkin pie with whipped cream is one of my favorites. When my whipped cream separates, I just stir it up again.

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