At the Fair

Last week I went to the Broward County Fair held at the almost empty City Center.  This was the second year the fair has been there, but I expect that in a year or two they will have to hold it elsewhere.  At long last, the economy has improved to the point where the the original plans for a City Center are starting to be put in effect.  One large parcel has been sold to a developer for planned condominiums, plusa Veterans’ Memorial and a 9/11 Memorial have already been completed.

I’m not sure why I went – maybe just because I was bored.  As I noted in my post about last year’s fair, I get very lonely when I am in crowds of strangers, with the exception of sporting events where I get involved in the games.  So I deliberately went early in the day before the place got too crowded.  All I did was walk around and take a few photos and videos.  I didn’t eat anything and I didn’t go on any of the rides.  I walked the mile and a half to and from the fair instead of driving – avoiding the parking fee and adding three miles to my walking program.

Here’s a short video from the fair, mostly showing the rides – very few of which would have obtained the approval of my stomach – that’s for sure!

Plus, here’s a few photos I took while roaming about:


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