Picture Post – 12/22

Nothing much happening ’round these parts except I’m getting ready to spend a few days out of town over Christmas – so here’s a few recent photos:

I see lots of these critters around.  I don’t know whether it is a goose or a duck, or something else.  I’ve Googled images of ducks and geese but haven’t seen a photo of either a goose or duck that looks exactly like this one – but some of the geese come close.

I captured this senior citizen foursome on the green at the city golf course about a mile from my house.

Time out during the college game I attended a few weeks ago.


Ugly Muscovy Duck in the park.

Iguana climbing neighbor’s fence.



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4 responses to “Picture Post – 12/22

  1. Dave

    According to my search- that is an Egyptian goose…..Enjoy the holiday!

    • Ed

      Thank you, Dave! I swear I looked at page after page of duck and goose photos in a Google image search, and I even looked at several sites in my web search, and didn’t see my bird. Moments after receiving your comment I searched ‘Egyptian Goose’ in Wikipedia and their photo was almost identical to the one I posted. A-maze-ing!

  2. naturgesetz

    In the thumbnail, it looked like a canada goose, but in the larger size it clearly isn’t — just a similar shape. I’m glad Dave found an answer.

  3. Dave

    Whats funny is how different origin birds end up somewhere far away. I can see from Canada but Egypt?

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