Christmas in Naples – 1

I had a big decision to make about where to spend Christmas.

I was invited to spend it with relatives at a rented condo on the Atlantic at Tybee Island, near Savannah, Georgia.  Normally, that would be quite inviting – both the location and the company.  But this year there is a newborn.  I like babies but am not overly fond of them when they are newborns.  Spending three whole days with a crying baby did not appeal to me – too stressful.

I could have stayed at home, feeling lonely and dealing with the ghosts of Christmases past – also not very appealing.

I decided instead to do a bit of both – spend it by myself but someplace else.  So I drove across the state to Naples, on the Gulf Coast, and had a wonderful time roaming about taking lots of photos and a few videos.

Naples is a delightful little city with about 21,000 residents, the center of a small metropolitan area with a bit over 315,000 population, including Fort Myers and Marco Island.  Tourism is the primary industry of the area and at this time of year the motels, hotels and temporary rentals are doing a great business.

I did a lot of walking in beastly hot temperatures – on the beach, in the historical business area and downtown, and strolled through a few very attractive neighborhoods.  I also visited the Zoo and spent a few hours browsing in a neat book store.  Oh – – and I also ate too much!  All in all a pleasant few days.

I did have one major annoyance though.  The day after Christmas while at the Zoo taking many photos, my camera monitor suddenly showed a message in the camera monitor warning me not to turn off the camera while it was recording a photograph.  That was odd, because photos are always recorded immediately, and it had been a few minutes since the last photo.  I waited a few minutes more but the message remained.  The camera had completely frozen up – I couldn’t do anything, not even turn it off.

Finally, realizing nothing was going to happen – I opened the battery compartment and removed it.  That turned off the camera.  Then I reinserted the battery and was able to turn the camera on.  Then I got a new message indicating that the SD card was not usable in the camera. – – OUCH!    😥

I inserted a new SD card and the camera worked fine.  I figured that I had a damaged SD card with almost 200 photographs on it that might not be accessible.

Back at the hotel I verified my fears.  My laptop could not read the SD card.  It actually indicated that the card contained zero files with a total of zero bytes.  I would have to get software to recover the files – if they were recoverable at all.  If not, all my photos would be lost.

When I got back home I downloaded a recovery program at the cost of $49 and ran it on the damaged SD card.  Happily, the program worked quite well.  Most of my photos were recovered intact.  About ten were truncated but I was able to make them acceptable images by cropping.  Some others, I don’t know how many, could not be recovered at all.  😦   I reformatted the damaged SD card in my camera and it now works OK, but I think I’ll toss it anyway.  I don’t want to risk losing future photos.

I’ll upload some of the Naples photos in my next post.


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