Picture Post – XMAS in Naples – 2

Hallelujah!   December is over!  The days of blah are gone – and once again all’s well with the world.  😀

I think that December  should be removed from the calendar altogether.  It is such a lousy month for so many people.  I would give its days to the other months – 2 added days to each of the current 31 day months, 3 days each to the 30 day months and 5 days to February – making 11 months of 33 days.  There are 2 days left.  Those would go to June and July ‘cuz they are two of the nicest months.  Leap days would continue to go to February.  Gotta keep some traditions.  😕

Rant over.  Now to Naples photos.

Gulf of Mexico

Naples Beach

Fishing Pier

Santa relaxing after busy night.  Looks the worse for wear – needs a paint job.

More photos in next post.


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One response to “Picture Post – XMAS in Naples – 2

  1. naturgesetz

    Sounds like a reasonably good way to enjoy Christmas.

    Nic pics, glad you could recover them.

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