Picture Post – XMAS in Naples – 4

Christmas Day after strolling on the beach I took a walk through some neighborhoods near the beach.  I took several photos of houses that I think might be nice to live in. – and no one called the cops on me!  Hmmmm…. I really like the area – maybe when I win the lottery……  😉

I took some photos at the Naples Zoo but I didn’t like most of them.  The Zoo had metal fences in front of most of the animal exhibits which pretty much ruined the photos.  In others the animals insisted on staying so far back in their spaces that I had to use the telephoto, which cut back on sharpness.

I really like this photo above, but you have to enlarge it to see why.



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3 responses to “Picture Post – XMAS in Naples – 4

  1. naturgesetz

    My dad liked big cats, especially tigers. A couple of years after he died, I bought a “monotype” painting called “Tyger, tyger …” by a local artist who was inspired by the Blake poem.

  2. Sethy

    Florida never manages to look very “Christmas-y” with palm trees lol. Hope you had a good holiday *HUGS*

    • Ed

      Ha Ha! Folk in places like Sydney and Melbourne would find it quite normal.

      Funny thing, the percentage of homes with outside Christmas decorations is much higher here than in the North.

      And, when you string lights round and round palm trees they actually look very Christmas-y, like giant candy canes with funny green hairdos.

      Having said all that, being born and bred in the frigid North, I have to agree with you that Christmases down here are kinda weird. Evening shopping in shorts and a t-shirt in late December may be pleasant but it just feels wrong.

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