I Washed my Car!

Yeah, Saturday I really did it!  You may have read about it in your newspaper or seen it as the lead story on your TV news.  😀

I’ve written before that although I am obsessive/compulsive about the interior of my car I am somewhat indifferent about the exterior.   Well, maybe ‘indifferent’ is a little strong.  I actually would like it if my car always looked clean.  Whenever I notice that it has gotten a little dirty I will think to myself: “Boy, I’ve got to run it through the car wash.”  But then I forget – until eventually I realize it is well past time – then I will take it to the car wash.  The thought of doing the deed myself rarely enters my mind.

But Saturday I realized that the car was truly filthy.  I believe it was the trip to Naples that was the main culprit.  There was major road construction ongoing right next to the motel where I stayed – lots of torn up areas with exposed dirt which the winds were generously spreading around.  Add an occasional misty rain and my white car not only changed hue but had gained tiny hard grainy black spots all over.  It was much too dirty to take to the car wash.  It would be embarrassing!  😦

So, I ‘bit the bullet’ and did the deed!  It was the first time I personally washed this car which I’ve had for a year and a half.  It has had a half dozen or so trips to the car wash, though.

Believe me, I’m not really all that into physical labor – never have been, I am ashamed to admit.  I went to college so I could wear a tie and push a pencil.  😉  And physical labor was definitely required!  The sponge and car wash liquid were no match for the tiny hard black spots.  I had to use a poly mesh non-abrasive kitchen scrubber to coax the spots to leave.

When the job was completed I was exhausted, grimy and soaked but truly proud of my work.  Not quite so proud, however, to consider it as a potential regular practice in the future!


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