A Distant Memory and Picture Post

The mind is a strange thing.  Memories of people and experiences get stored away deeply in our gray matter for decades without being addressed by our consciousness until something causes them to suddenly pop up.

Yesterday when I was typing my post about being embarrassed by my filthy car the thought suddenly came up that I would not be embarrassed if I were like Miss Marguerite Shelmadine.  You see, Miss Shelmadine was the Vice-Principal of my high school who retired in 1955 when I was a Junior.  I swear that I have not thought of her even once since!

Why did memory of Miss Shelmadine come to  mind?  Well, she was a little old lady who, even in the one-inch heals of her  old lady tie shoes, could not have been any taller than 4 foot 10.  And she drove a humungous Cadillac.  I can recall often seeing her drive out of the faculty parking lot in that huge car.  Even with blocks on the pedals and an extra cushion on the driver’s seat her head did not reach the top of the steering wheel.  From the front all that could be seen through the windshield were two little hands at 2 and ten o’clock and two eyes peering through the opening of the steering wheel.

If I were that tiny then no one would have seen me behind the wheel of my filthy car.  Thus I would not have been embarrassed driving to and through the car wash!


I was in the park a few days ago and this friendly little squirrel posed for me on a picnic table:

And I caught this other squirrel in a tree:

And here are a few Fords for sale:



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2 responses to “A Distant Memory and Picture Post

  1. Sethy

    squirrels are cute, methinks

  2. naturgesetz

    It looks as if the squirrel thinks big people like you are likely to feed him.

    And that’s a nice vignette of Miss Shelmadine.

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