Progress Report – My Make-Believe Trek Home

It’s been a while since I updated the progress in my walking program.

In my mind I have been on an imaginary walk from my house to my brother’s house in Rochester, New York – my home town.

To date, I have walked 839 miles, (about 1,350 kilometers), which is over 1,700,000 steps.  That places me about 4 miles north of Hillsville, Virginia,    25 miles north of the North Carolina border, with 595 miles more to go.

I started the walking program on February 21, 2011.  At first I attempted to walk 3 out of every 4 days but that proved to be much too ambitious.  Bad weather, entertaining visitors, being out of town, other commitments and just plain laziness cut me back to an average of 1 day in 2.  I’ve walked on 169 of 339 days, and after walking later today it will be exactly 1 in 2.  I’ve averaged 4.97 miles per day walked.

You can see my imaginary route on the map to the right.  That’s normally the route I use when I drive.  Sometimes, however, I stay on Interstate 95 instead of veering off to the northwest in Carolina towards Columbia on Interstate 26.  Interstate 95 takes me through Richmond, Washington and Baltimore.  Traffic in and around the latter two is a nightmare.  But since my father is buried in Maryland near Baltimore I sometimes use the Interstate 95 route and stop off to visit his grave. – to say hello and verify that the cemetery is living up to its ‘perpetual care’ obligations.


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