Where Have I Been?

Egads!  I haven’t posted in more than a week.  “Where have you been?” ,  one might ask.  The answer is –  mostly lying on the floor on my stomach working on jigsaw puzzles.  😀

I hadn’t done a jigsaw puzzle for more almost thirteen years.  Prior to that, during an eight year period in which I was the sole caregiver for my mother who may or may not have had Alzheimers (it was severe dementia, whatever the cause) doing jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and reading lots of books were the means that I used to preserve my sanity and intellect while coping with the demands and horrors of my ’36 hour day’.  But that’s another story.

Last week while at the Dollar Store to get a few more of the cheap pedometers I use on my walks I noticed a counter with 500-piece jigsaw puzzles for only (surprise!) a dollar each.  So I bought three of them.

Four days later I had completed all three.  Then I found an unopened 1000-piece puzzle in a closet.  I must have purchased it in 1999 prior  to my mother’s death.  That one is now about 85% completed.

Behold the evidence of my past week’s efforts:

Oh yeah – yesterday I bought five more!

Obsessive compulsive behavior?  ……….. Yup!  🙄

I’m ashamed to have to admit this flaw in my makeup.  But happily I also tend to quickly lose interest in my temporary obsessions.


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  1. naturgesetz

    Looks like fun. I haven’t done a lot of puzzles, but there was a period when my nephew was under ten or so, and puzzles were one of the things we did when he visited, and I enjoyed it.

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