A High School Lip Dub and Memories of my High School

Last May I posted a YouTube video  here  of a fantastic lip dub made in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recently, I did a search on YouTube and was amazed to find that students at many high schools and colleges have also done them.  Although none of them achieve the same degree of professionalism as the Grand Rapids video, most were quite well done.

I really liked this one done by the students of Sun Prairie High School in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  I was also impressed by their school which is brand new – and a  wee bit nicer than the high school I attended – actually a great deal nicer!

My high school, Thomas Jefferson Jr-Sr High School (see photo), was composed of two three story brick blocks connected by a three story corridor, necessary because of the inclement weather for most of the school year.  The main building had just classrooms and offices.  There was what would have been an inner courtyard but it was filled mostly by a two story auditorium. The classrooms were all the same, with hard wooden chairs and desks riveted to the floor.  The second building contained the cafeteria, the nurse’s office, locker rooms for boys and girls, two gymnasiums, a swimming pool and a few classrooms.  All in all it was, and still is, a very dreary place.  It looked more like a factory, but we students didn’t know any different – all the city schools were pretty much the same.  And I have to admit I mostly enjoyed my time there.

Oh – almost forgot – here is the video:


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