Home from School for Lunch

When I was in elementary school I went home every day for lunch.  I don’t remember if any of the three schools I attended had cafeterias or permitted students to bring their lunches, but it didn’t matter for me.  I lived close enough to the schools that going home for lunch was easy.

Lunch was the same every day ….. and lunch was different every day!  😉

Heehee…..  It was the same because every day lunch consisted of hot soup, a cold cut sandwich, a glass of milk and a snack.  It was different because the kinds of soup, cold cuts and snacks changed daily.

My mother was a big believer of variety.  Soups were always Campbells – cream of tomato, bean with bacon, chicken noodle, split pea, vegetable beef, New England clam chowder, Manhattan clam chowder, cream of mushroom, cream of asparagus or vegetable.  Cold cuts could be bologna, salami, luncheon meat, olive loaf, boiled ham, liverwurst, or others I can’t recall – usually with lettuce, tomato and mayo.  Snacks could be Hostess cup cakes (either chocolate or yellow with cream inside), Snowballs (small chocolate cake surrounded by marshmallow and coconut), Twinkies, donuts, cookies or canned fruit.

Those lunches were both wholesome and yummy.  I have such fond memories of those times.

If you asked me today to describe the perfect lunch, without hesitation, I would say soup and a sandwich with coffee and a snack.  Yet, I haven’t had such a lunch for decades.  I never buy cold cuts, and it takes me three or four months to use a loaf of bread.  Usually, my lunch consists of a fat-free yogurt,  coffee and maybe a goodie of some kind – Yuck!

Oh–Oh!  While on the subject of food – – a few days ago my 91 year-old  next door neighbor told me that he had had corned beef hash for his dinner the previous day  – and I realized that I like corned beef hash but haven’t had it for years.  My mother used to serve it with green beans and eggs.  It was one of my favorite meals.  So, naturally, that very day, I had to run to the Winn-Dixie supermarket to get some.  This was that night’s dinner:  YUM! YUM!  😀



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2 responses to “Home from School for Lunch

  1. naturgesetz

    That looks delicious, especially the perfectly cooked eggs.

  2. Sethy

    Sounds like you always ate pretty well 🙂

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