Kitchen Disaster

Well ………… maybe  ‘disaster’ is a little too strong a word.  Perhaps a “Kitchen Oops” would be a more appropriate title, but it’s less dramatic.

I mentioned in a previous post that I usually grind whole coffee beans for my morning coffee.  The other morning  when I tried to lift my grinder it was stuck to the kitchen counter and took some effort to lift!  At first I thought I must have spilled something on the counter and set the grinder in it the last time I’d used it.  But that was not the case.  It was the plastic on the bottom of the grinder that had become soft and extremely sticky.  The counter top was clean.  I have no idea how this could have happened.  I hadn’t left it plugged in.  It’s possible that it had overheated the last time I’d used it and I hadn’t noticed.  In any event, I decided it was no longer safe.  Into the kitchen trash container it went, and I settled for instant coffee for breakfast.

In the afternoon I went to Sears and bought a new one.  Yesterday morning I used the new grinder for the first time.  I loaded the whole coffee beans, and ground   them – – and then, as I had always done with the former grinder, I turned it upside down for the grounds to gather in the  plastic cover so I could pour them into my coffee maker.  Here the difference between the grinders suddenly  became apparent.  The cover of the old grinder had clung tightly to the main unit, and I had to apply some pressure to separate it.  Not so with the new grinder.  This cover fits very loosely.  Thus, when I inverted the grinder the cover dropped to the counter – and it was like an explosion!  I had coffee grounds from my chin down across the entire width of my shirt and across the front of my cargo shorts.  There were grounds on my shoes – all over the counter – in the sink and on the floor.  Grounds even found their way into the three drawers under the counter.  From the look of things one would have assumed I had ground a full pound of coffee!  Thank the Good Lord for vacuum cleaners!!



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2 responses to “Kitchen Disaster

  1. naturgesetz

    When something like that happens it’s a good time to read the instruction leaflet.

    • Ed

      How right you are!

      Not the first time I have received such advice. Years ago a five year old nephew was pestering me to assemble one of his new toys. I wasn’t too keen on doing it so I told him that I couldn’t because I didn’t know how. The wise little fellow then said: “Yes you can, Uncle Eddie, all you gotta do is read the destructions!”

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