It’s All Wilma’s Fault – 1

There always seems to be something that continually causes me frustration and  annoyance.  And whenever I think that at last it has gone away and peace and contentment has returned to my life, it comes back again.  Such it was with my mailboxes, where for years I would find myself repeatedly having to buy and install replacements.

Last June I made this post (  ) about my ongoing efforts to keep a mailbox in front of my house.  There have been no further incidents on the mailbox front since then, but it has been less than a year.  Still, it may be possible the problem has gone away – I can hope!    😕

But something else, a new plague, has arisen in the past few years – Mother Nature has been waging war on my shoreline.  And just when I thought that I had fixed the problem permanently, it has come back with a vengeance.

It all started with Hurricane Wilma in October of 2005.  Prior to that storm the shoreline of the small lake in my back yard had remained unchanged for the entire 15 years I had lived here up to then.  Wilma was surely no lady – she wreaked havoc in South Florida.  She also did a job on my house and surroundings – a ruined house roof, a ruined patio roof and all patio screening gone, two giant trees toppled, a downed fence, satellite dish blown away and a crushed mailbox.  Oh – almost forgot – no electricity for 6 days and spoilage of hundreds of dollars of food.

This YouTube video made by some storm chasers in Miami Beach – not very far from my house – shows how nasty Wilma was.

But Wilma did some more damage which wasn’t immediately apparent.  Wilma’s heavy winds whipped up the lake water and washed away soil under the surface at the shoreline.  And very gradually, my shoreline began to recede.  Within a year I began to notice it, and I realized that it was something I would have to address someday.  But procrastinator first-class that I am let two more years pass until  suddenly the someday- need become an immediate-need.  One day as I was walking in my yard near the shore I put my foot down and it began to sink – Yikes!  There was nothing beneath the grass.  It was only quick reflexes that prevented me from becoming a modern-day Rumpelstiltskin!  The procrastinator first-class had to become a man of action!

Dang you, Wilma!  It’s all your fault!  👿

In my next post I’ll tell what I did.


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  1. naturgesetz

    That and the tree replacements are almost enough to make a man want to live in a condo. My feeling about things is they should be maintenance free.

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