It’s All Wilma’s Fault – 3

Wednesday started out to be a terrific day with great progress on my shoreline restoration.  Unfortunately, there was a dark cloud on the horizon.

The Bobcat started its many trips from the sand mountains in my front yard to the shore where it would be mixed with water and pumped into the big bag.

One guy in a wet suit sucked up the sand/water and it was sent through a tube to another guy standing on the bag guiding the mixture into the bag.

This process went on and on.  I got bored and decided to go out for lunch.

Things started to go downhill when I returned home.

The supervisor of the job told me that we had had a visitor while I was away.  One of my neighbors on the lake had seen the activity on my shore and thought that maybe the city was restoring shorelines and called the city to make sure that his shoreline be included if that were so.  Naturally, the city didn’t know what was going on, so they sent an inspector out to investigate.

A typical employee of our fair city – he went ballistic on the workers.  According to the job supervisor he ranted and raved something like this:  “You can’t do this.  You have to have a license from the Broward County Biological Resources Division …… blah blah blah ….. You have to have a permit from the South Broward  Drainage District ….. blah blah blah …..  You have to apply for a permit from the city Engineering Department ….. blah blah blah!”

Of course the supervisor, when he could get a word in, told the inspector that he was just the contractor and he would have to talk to the owner.  So the inspector left his card with instructions that the homeowner call him IMMEDIATELY when he returned.

So he, being me,  🙂  called the guy up.  No sooner had I identified myself he went apeshit on me (excuse the French) – –  “You can’t do ….. blah blah blah …..  blah blah blah …. etc., etc.”

When it was my turn to speak I told him that I had checked with his department in December, described the job in detail, and had been advised that a permit was not required.  I told him the name of the person I had spoken to and the date I had called.  That didn’t do me any good.  He told me that I was misinformed – that I would have to get a permit – but I would need to clear things with Biological Resources and the Drainage District first.

I told him that the job would be finished the next day, but he insisted I would still have to go through the permit application progress, and it was likely that I would have to pay a penalty.

Well, that certainly made my day!

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the phone with the outfits I had to deal with to find out what was required.  Fortunately, I was able to download all the forms I needed from their web sites.  I made an appointment with the first people, the Biological Resources Division, for the following Monday – and began the process of filling out all the forms and gathering the required documents.

In the meantime, the shoreline restoration continued.  By the end of the day the big bag was fully stuffed, and all that remained was covering  the bag with sand and sod.

But look at the job the Bobcat had done on my beautiful lawn!  Sure, it would be re-sodded, but it would be some time before it look as good as before.

At days end this is how things looked at the shoreline.

More to come …….


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