Afternoon at a Landfill – Picture Post

Tuesday, I went to nearby Vista View Park for my walk.  Vista View – that’s an odd name – sort of redundant, wouldn’t you say?

Vista View is a former landfill transformed into a beautiful park with 272 acres of green rolling hills and meadows.  It has eight picnic shelters, two playgrounds, basketball courts, horse trails, an airstrip for electric radio-controlled planes and glider pilots, fishing docks, and an area for primitive group camping.

It is such an odd feeling in South Florida, which is flat as a pancake, to be somewhere where you can look down on things other than through a window of a tall building.  It is also hard to believe that you are walking on top of decades of garbage and trash.

Here are a few of the photos I took in the park.  They all look better if you click on them to enlarge.

I love this view from halfway up one hill of a lonely tree on an adjacent hill.

Walking on a horse trail winding around and up a hill.  I was reminded that walking uphill is a lot tougher than what I am now used to.  I got a much better workout than normal.

Looking down on a new housing development.

A fishing pier.  If you enlarge the photo you will note the sign on the left which indicates that you have to release any fish you catch.

You have to excuse me – I realize this is a dumb photo – but you have to understand that other than in this park I have to drive over a hundred miles to be somewhere where I can  look up a hill.

Bird in a pond.

I took two photos of this little birdie using the maximum telephoto of my Nikon trying to keep a steady hand.  I think they came out pretty good even enlarged.

This view seemed like a good idea at the time.  🙄

Jogger on a horse trail.

Black egrets feasting on bugs.

Looking down at the B-Ball Courts

Walking path.


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One response to “Afternoon at a Landfill – Picture Post

  1. sethboyardee

    It looks nicer than the landfills here in Joizey, which are barren lumps of earth oozing toxic waste.


    Have a good weekend!!

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