Picture Post – 03/25

A few more photos from my wandering about.

Good gracious! I certainly hope they don’t plan on selling any of the seniors!

Wildflowers …or weeds.  The former sounds better.

Early Saturday afternoon on Pines Boulevard.  I was in one of the left turn lanes preparing to visit the Barnes & Nobles Bookstore.

Presidential Circle in Hollywood.  The large office buildings connected by an atrium with a huge American flag is in the center of the circle. The designer of Hollywood, Florida had spent some time in England and was fascinated by roundabouts.  So he sprinkled them liberally around town – except he called them traffic circles, as they are generally called in the U.S.   In Pembroke Pines, though, we actually have a few that are called roundabouts, with traffic signs warning drivers entering to yield to traffic in the roundabout.

Clock Tower at the entrance to the Pembroke Pines’ largely empty City Center.  View is from inside looking out.  Some good news for the city – there is finally some development going on in this vast area.  The economy is picking up so I believe it will not be long before the City’s initial plans for the project will start to take shape.

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