Off to Orlando plus Picture Post

Tomorrow (Saturday) around noon I’ll be off to Orlando to spend Easter and a few more days with relatives from up north.  I am already salivating – yummy unsalty ham with yams and other goodies  for Easter dinner.  Also, I expect a visit from the Easter Bunny – lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs and jelly beans.  I will have to get lots of walking in during the trip and after returning home next Tuesday – gotta burn off the calorie overload.   😀

Here’s a few photos taken in the past few days.  It is Spring, so I passed lots of flowers in my walks.

Hmmm…… lots of yellow ’round these parts!

Stone bench in cemetery

This little cluster of leaves looked so perfect to me.

New Veterans’ Memorial in foreground and 9/11 Memorial in background.  Both memorials in our almost empty City Center.

Cat lounging on 2nd floor balcony of condo – photo taken at maximum telephoto

At food court in our large shopping mall – looks much better when enlarged.


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