Picture Post – 04/17

My life is so boring that it often is difficult to think of anything to write about.

The most exciting thing that has happened since I got back from Orlando was yesterday (Monday) getting my teeth cleaned.  😐   I endure it three times a year.  I do not like it much!

One thing from my Orlando trip was really neat.  Last year at the same location we watched two red crested herons performing what had to have been a very loud and intricate mating dance in the large empty field behind the house.  The herons apparently live in the neighborhood – they roamed freely in the field and in the streets of the community.

This year we saw them with a baby, wandering the field in search of worms and bugs.  The parents are approximately four feet tall and the baby, which doesn’t yet have its adult feathers or red crest is about a foot shorter.  It doesn’t yet feed itself.  The parents pass food beak to beak.  I made a video of them feeding which I will probably post after editing.  This is a frame I grabbed from the video showing the exchange from parent to child.

Last night I saw this cat resting underneath a trunk in a driveway.  It didn’t seem very pleased to have its picture taken.

Tonight on my walk I met a family of young ducklings.  They are large enough that their mother lets them head off by themselves while she watches from a distance.  Apparently she was not pleased with them approaching me – she rushed towards us looking quite agitated – so I left.

Today I went to Home Depot to look at flowering plants and shrubs to plant in my yard.  I am definitely going to plant two or three hibiscus shrubs but haven’t decided what other ones I want.  I took photos of some that I liked and will Google them to see how high they grow, how often they flower and whether or not they need a lot of sun.  Here are a few I think are very attractive:

These are Bromeliads.  They obviously don’t grow very high.  Their colors are spectacular.

I really like these red Oleanders.  They also come with white blossoms.

I like these Anthuriums,which also come with white blossoms.

I like these, but I forgot to write down the name.

I’m also considering Geraniums.  We always had them when I was a child in New York State.  I was surprised to find that they also do well in our tropical climate.  Their blossoms are beautiful and I like the aroma of the plant.  According to the supervisor at Home Depot’s Nursery small animals do not.



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2 responses to “Picture Post – 04/17

  1. sethboyardee

    make a mix of them all – color coordinate 🙂 maybe skip the anthurium thingies – they look too perverted 🙂

    ps: please try not to get attacked by ducks 🙂

    • Ed

      Heeheehee……. Never entered my mind. You could say that I once was blind but now I see! 😀

      Regarding my quick departure from the ducklings, I well know that duck mommies are extremely protective of their little ones. I once had to beat one off with a book as I backed into my car to escape. I tried not to really hit it and was successful in that – I was able to keep her dodging the book as I swung it, but she kept on advancing. It made me think of the movie “The Birds”.

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