Picture Post – 04/25

This was going to be a picture post exclusively of flowers – some that I’ve seen in front yards during recent walks, and some of my own.  But today while walking in C.B. Smith Park I saw two squirrels trying to figure out how to get at soft drinks left on a picnic table – I stood by a tree about 20 yards away and took these two photos.  They were so cute.

This attempt was a failure, but he was able to turn the cup around.

His buddy was equally unsuccessful.  I’m sure the aroma was quite enticing.

Now to the flowers:

This is one of the very first hibiscus blossoms on my very own hibiscus bushes.  I took the photo late in the afternoon.  The blossom was already starting to wilt. I have planted five hibiscus bushes.

This tree in my back yard blossoms several times a year, always at the very top.  I am never aware that there are blossoms until I see fallen ones on the ground, so I’ve not been able to capture them at their peak.  This is the best shot I’ve ever got of them.

These are in my front yard in front of my picture window.  The flowers last only one day then drop.  But they do blossom year round.

These are next to my entranceway.

Now for my walk by photos:



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2 responses to “Picture Post – 04/25

  1. Dave

    The residents seem to make a mutual effort to do alot of planting in your area. Very nice photos. Honey bee heaven 🙂

    • Ed

      So many of the homes I pass when I take my walks in my neighborhood have circular driveways which create half moon sections of their front lawns next to the sidewalk. Most people fill them with small shrubs, palm trees, flowers etc. I enjoy taking photos of fresh new blossoms.

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