Off on Another Trip – Plus Photos

Friday morning I will take off for a ten day vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – at the same high rise on the beach where I stayed last year but in a different and much nicer condo.  I’m not sure whether I will have time to do any Blog posting.  I’m planning on spending a lot of time frolicking on the beach – well, more like strolling – lounging by the pool, eating too much and running around doing touristy things – and enjoying the company of too seldom seen loved ones.

I’m looking forward to retaking photos of things.  The photos I took last year were the only ones I have ever put on the hard drive of my laptop: the laptop that was stolen shortly after I had returned home.  The only photos that I have from the trip are the few that I had posted to my Blog which I subsequently downloaded.

Today I did some shopping for stuff to take with me on the trip.  I bought new swim trunks and a few shirts and some travel size toiletries.  I also bought a skirt.  ————  Shame on you for thinking that!  🙄    Not THAT kind of a skirt!  Geeeez!  The skirt wasn’t for me.  It was for my box springs!

I recently bought a new mattress and a box spring.  The box spring  is so much higher than my previous one that part of it was visible below the bedspread.  Unfortunately, now that I have put it on I’m not all that sure that it looks any better.  Maybe the answer is to get a larger bedspread.

Here are a few more photos taken recently:

Saw this during  a recent walk.  My first reaction was that it is meant in fun.  But I’m not so sure.  Florida is a big time gun state – so much so that our Governor recently denied a request from the Mayor of Tampa to allow the city to ban loaded guns at, and around, the Republican Convention this summer.  Water pistols, however, can be banned.

I took this photo of the foliage outside my front door.  It’s getting a wee bit overgrown, in need of some pruning.

I cropped the previous photo.  I like it!

Some more flowers seen on a walk.

Guys shooting hoops in a park.



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  1. Dave

    Good sense of humor on the skirt!

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