Idle Time

It’s 9:00 AM of the 2nd day of my holiday.  I’m sitting in my motel room in Georgetown, South Carolina, less than 50 miles from Myrtle Beach, and I don’t have to be there to meet with my relatives until 1:00 PM.

I was up at 6:30, took my thyroid pill and my vitamins, had my free motel breakfast, did a little Net surfing and am packed up, ready to check out,  I drove too far yesterday and now I have to use up some more time before heading for Myrtle Beach.  What better way than do a BLOG post?

So, here are some thoroughly boring short videos I made on the trip yesterday.

After 320 miles of seeing just trees, other vehicles and pavement on the Florida Turnpike and  I-95  I decided to drive through Jacksonville, Florida instead of using the I-295 bypass.  Woo Hoo! Buildings!

Then I got the silly idea to record the crossing of state lines.  Hey, it gets a bit boring driving all day!

First, leaving Florida and entering Georgia and exit to the Georgia Welcome Center for a pit stop.

Next, crossing the bridge over the Savannah River into South Carolina.  Whee!  471 miles in 442 minutes.  That is terrific time considering I had stopped three times:  lunch, gas refill and one pit stop.  Being able to drive at 75 to 80 mph most of the way helps. Years ago I was stuck on that bridge for almost a half hour because of an accident ahead.  Not fun!

South Carolina’s entrance is neat.  It looks like the entrance to a gated community – except the gates are wide open.

I had made such good time that I was almost to Myrtle Beach by 6:00 PM.  I decided rather than going all the way and finding a motel for one night at Myrtle Beach I’d stop at Georgetown and have a leisurely meal and do a little stroll through the town’s historical riverside and downtown area.  I took quite a few photos.  If any of them look as good when I load them on my laptop as they do in the tiny camera view screen I’ll post some of them.




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2 responses to “Idle Time

  1. sethboyardee

    Don’t … video and drive… LOL have a great vacation!!

    • Ed

      Ha Ha – I actually used to do just that – hold the camera in one hand and steer with the other. That caused a few scary moments. Now I screw the camera onto a unipod and attach it to the windshield with a suction cup. The World is now a safer place when I’m behind the wheel!

      Oh, and I did have a great time on vacation. Thanks.

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