Georgetown, South Carolina – Picture Post

I drove home from Myrtle Beach on Saturday, leaving the condo at 4:15 AM,  and arriving home 648.7 miles later at 3:50 PM.  I’ll cover the time spent in Myrtle Beach and post some photos in my next post.  This post is just photos I took while roaming around the ‘historical waterfront’ area of Georgetown, South Carolina the night before driving to Myrtle Beach.

It seems that most American towns that are older than a few decades have a ‘historical’ downtown or waterfront area 😉 – most likely just a lure for tourists.  But Georgetown, South Carolina really is old, at least by American standards.  It was founded in 1729, the third oldest town in the state.  The population in the 2010 census was only 9,163.

Here are some of the photos I took before having dinner at a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant where, if it were in Arizona, I’m sure most of the serving staff would be stopped frequently for papers proving they were legal!  I haven’t seen so many obviously Mexicans since visiting Ciudad Juarez.

First at the waterfront:

One of the numerous taverns and restaurants along the boardwalk on the water.

Then I strolled around the tiny downtown and adjacent residential area.

It was getting dark – bad back lighting.

Typical Old Southern home.

I was quite impressed by this flower pot arrangement.

Notice the little Confederate Flags by some of the graves in this little cemetery – most likely Civil War Veterans.

I liked some of the photos so much I posterized them in Photoshop.  You have to click on them to enlarge in order to appreciate the posterization:


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