Myrtle Beach Picture Post

I had a terrific week swimming, shopping, overeating, strolling the beach, playing putt putt golf, visiting the Aquarium, attending another famous stars impersonators show and playing pinochle and euchre into the wee hours  with two nieces and one of their husbands.  The other couldn’t make it.

We rented a 3 bedroom – 3 bath condo in a high rise on the beach in Garden City a short distance south of the city of Myrtle Beach.

Our condo was on the 7th floor in the middle.  There are swimming pools and hot tubs at ground level on each end of the building which we took full  advantage of. If you enlarge the photo you can see our balcony – it is the one in the middle of the building half way up with a red beach towel left on a chair to dry.

I took this awful photo from the balcony of our condo at dusk using my camera’s maximum zoom.  The fishing pier in the foreground is exactly 1.2 miles away.  In the distance is the murky skyline of Myrtle Beach.  I performed all the magic I am capable of using Photoshop and produced the following slightly better result.  Incidentally, this is not the pier shown in any of the following photos.

Here are a few of the photos I took during the week during my morning walks:

I took this photo and the following two on a morning walk.  It looked like we were in for nasty weather but the day turned out beautiful.  I really like this photo.  It is just possible that I am learning about composition.

The clouds were practically scraping the ocean surface.

I was not the only one out and about early in the morning.  There is even a lone surfer out there that you can better see if you enlarge.

Houses at the edge of a marsh.

Another view of the marsh.

Path into nearby woods.

Weird thing washed onto the beach by the tide.

If interested you better hurry – only one left!

Possibly the result of smoking in bed.

These beautiful wildflowers were everywhere.

Most houses near the ocean are on stilts.

I always dreamed of finding it but never really believed I would make it!

The Conch Cafe where we had several lunches – great She Crab Soup!

Under the fishing pier.

I photographed this same sign last year – it’s still there so I imagine they are aware of the misspelling.



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3 responses to “Myrtle Beach Picture Post

  1. naturgesetz

    Maybe it’s your choice of subjects, but in your photos Georgetown is way more attractive than Myrtle Beach.

    • Ed

      The photos I posted were taken on walks near where I was staying, not in Myrtle Beach, but I agree that Georgetown is far more attractive. Georgetown is an old and small town where real people live. It retains the look and charm of the old south – the good part. Myrtle Beach proper, which we mostly avoided, is crowded and touristy and indistinguishable from most of the resort towns along the Atlantic coast.

  2. Myrtle Beach

    What a host of activities you engaged in during your vacation. It sounds like you were on a mission to spoil yourself to a relaxing vacation. Well, I wouldn’t blame you because visiting a beautiful destination like Myrtle Beach you have to make the most of it. I love the pictures though, they are absolutely fabulous.

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