Dumb Duck

I looked out my kitchen window Tuesday morning and noticed a young female Muscovy duck sitting in my back yard a few feet from a tree.  I didn’t think much of it.  I often see ducks sitting on my lawn.  They rest a bit then go on about their business.

But later in the day I noticed that the duck was still there – at least it looked like the same duck.  It didn’t look sick.  In fact, it looked quite comfortable.  It also was still there all day Wednesday.

I thought – is it possible that the duck has laid eggs right out in the open and is sitting on them?  Nah ….. no duck would be that dumb.  Certainly its mother had taught it better!  Over the years I’ve had several ducks make their nests under shrubs next to my house – always back next to the wall, not easily noticed.

Yesterday morning the duck was gone.

Later in the day I was in the back yard picking up a few palm fronds that had dropped from the trees I recently had planted – and as I walked passed the area where the duck had been ——–  OMG!

There it was!  One duck egg – no nesting material – no duck.

I can’t quite figure it out.  The ducks always prepare a nest.  They always do it in an area that is not easily noticed.  Usually they lay many eggs – sometimes as many as a dozen, occasionally even more.  This duck had broken all the rules, dropping one egg in an open space without any preparations.  It had sat on the egg for the better part of two days, then abandoned it.  Dumb duck!

I left the egg lying there.  If the iguana that crosses my backyard every day doesn’t make a quick lunch of it, one of the other creatures that frequent my yard will.

I hope that duck does a better job next time.  It certainly has failed its first test in Motherhood 101.

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  1. Dave

    Wow. Crazy for sure.

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