The Egg, an Odd Encounter and a Few Vids

The egg is gone!  Saturday morning there was nothing left where it had been.  It must have been the iguana that  got it.  Smaller creatures or birds would have left parts of the shell.


Now,  I have to tell of a rather odd encounter I had while on vacation.  On one of my morning walks  I noticed a lady walking towards me, maybe a hundred yards or so ahead.  From a distance she appeared to be tall and gangly. Her gait was awkward, as if her feet were hurting.

As the distance between us closed I saw that she was wearing tight Capri pants, a flowery blouse and a kerchief.  Even closer – I saw black pumps with heels, probably not more than an inch high, and lacy top white ankle socks.

Then, more closer – – two skinny legs badly in need of a razor!  – Then, OMG!  😯   a glance at her smiling face revealed at least a three day beard – and then a deep raspy voice wished me “Good Morning.”  She , (Excuse me – HE)  kinda shocked me a bit, and I could barely manage to mumble a return “Morning” before we had passed each other.  Not something one encounters every day!  🙄  That’s for sure!

But there’s more.  Two days later we again were walking in opposite directions, this time on different sides of the road and he waived to me from across the street.  But this time – I kid you not! – he was clad in sneakers, cargo shorts, a Tee Shirt and a baseball cap!  Rather bizarre, wouldn’t you say?


One of the days we spent an entire afternoon and evening at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach – a major tourist attractions in the area.  It’s  similar to Downtown Disney – a huge collection of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues arranged around a large lake – with several pedestrian bridges connecting everything.  In addition to shopping  (The main purpose for going there according to my two nieces), and dining at a seafood restaurant, we took in Ripley’s Aquarium and the famous star impersonators show at the Legends in Concert Theater.

The lake is stocked with five kinds of carp like fish with voracious appetites, and in several locations on each bridge their are vending machines selling food pellets to feed the fish.  The fish know when someone puts a coin in the vending machine .  Immediately hundreds of them appear,  ready to fight for the goodies that will be thrown down to them.  I made this short video when someone was feeding them.  In addition to the fish, several ducks got into the action, including some very young ones.

Incidentally, whenever I do a video where there are people around I get the urge to shout: “Quiet on the Set!”.  That is, I get the urge – not the nerve.  Thus these videos always have an audio track provided by strangers.

I made the following video on the Saturday morning I arrived, before checking into the condo, showing the southern portion of Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach proper.  The northern portion is pretty much the same.

The entire length of the road, which parallels the ocean, is mainly motels and restaurants.  That’s why we always stay a few miles south, where the beach is less crowded.

Speaking of the less crowded beach, on the final afternoon I decided to make a 360° panorama video of the beach at our condo.  So, I went down to the water’s edge and stood barefoot with the water just up to mid calf and started to record my masterpiece.  But the surf was so strong in the incoming tide – it was hitting me just below the knees so hard that I had to brace myself to avoid being knocked onto my kiester.  Afraid that was exactly what going to happen, and in fear of getting my camera ruined by salt water, I gave up less than half way through the circle.  This is the result.  I’m such a wuss!   😦


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One response to “The Egg, an Odd Encounter and a Few Vids

  1. naturgesetz

    I don’t know why, but the video of the fish seemed kinda sad. OTOH the Boulevard was interesting to see, and actually looked pleasant in the last couple of minutes when there were lots of trees.

    I’m glad something got some benefit from the egg.

    And :O (or however you show it) at the encounter.

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