Mystery Tools

Ha Ha!  I’ve mentioned in posts several times that I am not a do-it-yourself-er.  I suspect the chromosome that contains the “I love hardware stores” gene was corrupted during my gestation period.  My tool kit consists mainly of a credit card and the Yellow Pages.  😉

Today I got another reminder of this personal failing.  I’ve lately been on a long term project to clean up and neaten my garage, and this morning I found these two strange looking objects on the very top level of some shelving where they had been resting and accumulating dust for the over 22 years I’ve lived in this house – obviously left there by the former owner.

I was at a total loss as to what they could possibly be.  I could not conjecture any possible function.  I figured they were most likely only parts of some much more sophisticated tool, and thus eligible for immediate deposit to the trash can.

But I saw the name ‘Craftsman’ and item numbers on each, and being actually aware that Craftsman is the Sears tool brand I decided that before I tossed them out I would first see if a Google search would reveal a name and function.

Amazing!!!!  Google provided the name as well as an image of the blue one, and since the red one is obviously just a ‘big brother’ of the blue one the mystery had been solved!  They are strap wrenches.

I know what a wrench is.  In fact, I actually possess quite a few of them – AND I have been known to occasionally actually use one.  Those things definitely did not resemble any of my wrenches!

I hate to admit this – but I spent over ten minutes closely examining the blue one attempting to discern how it could possibly be manipulated so as to perform a function I associated with a wrench – 😕 – until – suddenly –  Eureka!  💡

I figured out how it works!

I immediately rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a jar of instant coffee to test my sudden epiphany.  I had previously opened the jar using my mighty muscle power, but it wasn’t really necessary to start from scratch with another jar.  I only needed to test the tool.  I did tighten the lid, though.  I wanted to at least feel some resistance when I did the test.

I told myself: “Remember, lefty-loosey  –  righty-tighty.”  I carefully wrapped the rubber strap around the lid and inserted the rest of it into the groove that extends lengthwise along the handle and with one hand holding the jar I applied pressure and rotated the wrench left and  – Ta Da!  It worked!

The strap wrenches have earned a reprieve.  They will not be thrown out.  Instead,  they have earned earn a place on the shelf with my other wrenches where they will start again to accumulate dust.


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