Self Indulgence and Reaching a Milestone

Today I had an overwhelming urge to indulge myself in a most unhealthy, calorie laden dinner – no salad, no veggies – just sweetness and yummy.

On this day I was weak -I yielded to the urge.

Look at this!!

French Toast brought to a golden brown in a skillet, floating in pure butter, topped with even more butter and then flooded with maple syrup and flanked by chunky applesauce.  Plus, two English Toffee ice cream bars dipped in chocolate and crushed toffee for dessert.  OMG! Could Heaven be any better?

Well, I did exercise some restraint – no sense going totally overboard.  I drank a cup of black coffee.  😉  It was instant coffee made by dropping the coffee granules into water heated to a boil in the microwave.  It always froths up and forms a head when made that way, but never does when the coffee is spooned into the cup and then the hot water added.  I’m sure there is a logical explanation for the difference.

After dinner I went for my walk – just making it back to the house before very heavy rains hit.  Believe me, I was a-moving rather rapidly the final half mile or so, as the sky was becoming more and more threatening.

Tonight, I passed a major milestone in my make-a-bleeve walk home to Rochester.  I passed 2,235,000 steps, which calculates to just over 1,101 miles (1,772 kilometers) – meaning that at some point tonight I symbolically crossed the Mason-Dixon Line from West Virginia into Pennsylvania.  Now there are only about 330 miles yet to go.

Funny thing, in June I will be driving to Rochester, and will arrive at my brother’s house in person, while in my make believe trek I will still have many miles to go.  Hmmmmm…….. I’ll have to keep an eye out for me on  Interstate near Pittsburgh so that I can wave to myself as I pass.  😀


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