Update and Picture Post – 06/05

Things have been  quiet lately.  Very little going on.  To fill the time I have been continuing my late-season spring cleaning campaign in my garage.  I’ve already made a few trips to the County’s hazardous materials collection station with old paint cans, insecticides and weed killing stuff that have been lying around on shelves collecting dust, plus a few empty propane gas containers.  I don’t know if the latter qualifies as hazardous but they took them.

I have a two burner Coleman Stove with electronic ignition and four full one pound jars of propane fuel awaiting the next prolonged post-hurricane power outage.  I’ve only had to use it once – in 2005 after Hurricane Wilma.  I didn’t do much actual cooking on it because restaurants began opening up using generators within days of the storm.  Mainly, I boiled water for instant coffee to satisfy my caffeine addiction until the power came back up six days later.

My garage would be quite neat – even clear enough to get my car into – if it were not for an outrageously large number of boxes full of books and magazines. I just can’t get myself to part with them – crazy, I know.

The major volume consists of magazines.  In addition to old copies of Life, Time and National Geographic I have accumulated over 45 years of annual guides for each of the major spectator sports.  God knows what for!  At least I have come to my senses and stopped buying the things the past few years.

I mean, like who on Earth would want Street & Smith, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, etc.  Annual NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, College Football and College Basketball yearbooks going back to the 1960’s?  Well, actually there are probably some other crazy sports memorabilia collectors who would.  But I don’t know how to find one.  Even if I could, I have no idea what they’re worth.

The thought of throwing them out is too much for me to handle.  Gaaaaaa……, Unless I am able to either find a buyer or  overcome my lunacy the day will come, after I have shuffled off this mortal coil, when someone else will be left with the task of tossing them all into a dumpster.

Ah well, my rant is over.  Here are some photos:

I saw this crew whilst on a walk.  Reminded me of the “little old lady who lived in a shoe” who “had so many children she didn’t know what to do.”  Well that little old lady had nothing on this poor mother duckie!  Count ’em – 21!

I am so proud of this – my side yard.  Just a few months ago there was a huge tangled mass of ferns extending three quarters of the way to the house from the end of the white fence.  Behind that was a five foot wide concrete slab extending the entire distance from the fence to the house.  Behind that was an ugly cherry hedge covering three quarters of the distance from fence to house  – and behind that was a giant 40 foot tall black olive tree with huge above ground roots extending out in all directions.  And, at the back end of the house was another five foot by 10 foot concrete slab.  In time, I will do something more with the area – but for now I just like to stare at the lovely expanse of lush sod and view of the water.

Just starting to rain.

Another of my very own hibiscuses!!

And another!


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