Busy Days Ahead

This Saturday my nephew and his wife arrive from Brooksville on their annual visit to attend the weekend games between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Miami Marlins.

I really enjoy their company and regardless of which team wins we always have a greatvisit.  Over the years the teams have played quite even, although occasionally one will sweep the series.  Then there is the necessity to either resist the urge to gloat or keep a stiff upper lip and act the good loser.  😉

It will be nice to be in the new stadium, with its air conditioning and roof to keep out the rain.  They are used to the Rays’ stadium in St. Petersburg which has a permanent domed roof and is also air conditioned.  It was always tough for them to sit through the games at the Marlins’ old stadium where it was usually 90 degrees with high humidity and frequent rain delays.

After Saturday night’s game they will retract the roof and have a fireworks show.  And before the game there will be a Latin musical group performing outside the main entrance of the stadium.  Sunday will be a “Bark at the Park” day where fans can bring their well behaved dogs and sit in a special section.  And after the game kids will be permitted to come down onto the field and run around the bases.  That is always fun to watch.

The only downside is the nightmare of getting to and from stadium.  At least I will not have to endure it alone.  Misery likes company, don’t you know.  😕

They will head back on Monday morning and early Tuesday morning I will be leaving on my trip home to Rochester, New York to see kinfolk and visit some of my favorite haunts.  It’s a drive of over 1,400 miles each way plus there will be a lot of driving around when I’m there.  But I am one of those weird people who actually loves to drive all day!  It has been five years since I’ve been home, so I am really looking forward to the trip.

Friday, I’ll drive over to Buffalo and Tonawanda with my brother to visit with relatives that are home during the day – and in the evening there will be a large gathering at the home of one of my nephews, where there is a huge backyard for the kids to play and a large deck for the adults to eat and drink and enjoy.

Saturday, we will go to the National Museum of Play ion Rochester with several of the younger crowd and then head to Lake Ontario for a taste of the World’s Best Frozen Custard and maybe hit the merry-go-round and spend some time on the beach.  It is unlikely anyone will go into the water – Lake Ontario is brrrrrrr… enough in July and August.  I would not want to risk frostbitten toes in June.

Sunday, my brother and I will drive to Ithaca to visit with some cousins.  I’m hoping there will be time to visit the Cornell University campus and a nearby picturesque waterfall while we’re there.  Ithaca is where my Mother was born, and met my Father, who was in the Army stationed with the Army R.O.T.C. at Cornell.

Ithaca is a beautiful town at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake – hence Cornell’s alma mater – “High Above Cayuga’s Waters”.  Like Rome, Italy, but with several million less people, Ithaca is built on seven hills.  Unlike Rome, Ithaca has winters featuring  lots of cold, snow and ice making for treacherous driving.

Monday evening my brother and I and one or both of his sons will attend an International League baseball game at Frontier Field in downtown Rochester between the Durham Bulls and the Rochester Red Wings.

Before I start back on Wednesday morning, in the time not taken up with scheduled events I hope to also get to several grave sites; stroll around my old campus at the University of Rochester; have a hot dog at Al’s Diner – my long-ago lunch hangout across the street from Thomas Jefferson Jr.-Sr. High School (Woo Hoo!  :D); walk around downtown Rochester, and just drive around town by places I used to live and work and play.

Oh, and I also plan on wearing out my still and video cameras.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for blogging, but I will try to do a post or two.  The motel where I’ll be staying in Rochester has Wi-Fi, but I doubt I’ll be spending much time there other than sleep time.

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