Vacation Over – I Need a Vacation!

I arrived back home at 6:12 PM yesterday (Thursday), safe and sound, and found everything in my house exactly as I left it.  Ever since the break-in, whenever I leave the house for a few days or more I feel some trepidation as I turn the key and enter.  I’m not all that concerned about another burglary – after all everything that meant anything to me was taken in May of last year  – I just hate the thought of the hassle, expense and clean up that would be involved in the aftermath.

I wore myself out rushing hither, thither and yon visiting kinfolk and friends and revisiting all my favorite haunts of years gone by.  It was a typical vacation – in which one ends up exhausted and in need of a vacation!

I had planned to take a leisurely three day drive home and arrive today, but at some point en route yesterday I decided that I had had enough of motels  – so I drove straight through.  I had driven 646 miles from Rochester to a tiny town in North Carolina on Wednesday.  There were quite a few slow downs due to road work but no stoppages.  Thursday, I drove the remaining 787 miles to my house.

In all, I added 3,714.5 miles to my odometer on the trip. (5,977.9 kilometers)

Message to the long ago departed Dwight David EisenhowerThank You for the Interstate Highway System!!

During the trip I took oodles of photos and short videos – so I have much material to bore readers of this blog over multiple posts!  😉   I will need a few days, though, to edit all those treasures.

Here is a short teaser.  I’m not fond of heights, so driving through mountains is not one of my favorite things.  When I’m in the lane next to a steep drop off I try to avoid looking at the void.  However while driving through West Virginia I saw a sign advising of a scenic view up ahead, and decided to have a look, and maybe take a few photos.  Big time weenie that I am, I pulled up at least three feet from the barrier at the drop off.  Try to ignore the remains of a splattered bug on the windshield.



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2 responses to “Vacation Over – I Need a Vacation!

  1. Dave

    Assuming thats 79 I almost recognize the stretch as I have made that trip more times than I can remember. I always thought West Virginia was the most beautiful state in the union. Not recognized for a lot of accomplishments……..but scenic none the less

    • Ed

      Yup, that’s on I-79. Whenever I go North I take the route through West Virginia and western Pennsylvania either going or coming back, and take an eastern route via I-95 the other direction. I agree with you that West Virginia is a beautiful state – too bad it is one of the poorest – at least they have something to be proud about.

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