Some Pics and a Couple Vids

I have been busy working on all the photos and videos I took during my holiday.  And I took a lot of both. Many obviously were of family, which I won’t be posting.  The rest were mainly tourist-ty and nostalgia types.  I will be working on them for days to come.

I have to examine every photo and video closely.  More than I like to admit are deleted.  The photos I want to keep I generally straighten and crop in an attempt to create the illusion that I knew something about decent composition when I took the shot.  Some are in need of additional tweaking.  The videos that I keep I usually cut out some sections, and if I upload to WordPress I lower the resolution to reduce the file size.  If I upload a video to YouTube I leave it in its original resolution.

One of the things I did in Rochester was visit my old High School – Thomas Jefferson Jr.-Sr. High School.  I was amazed at how well it has weathered the years.  Back in the 1950’s, when I was a student, it looked like a dreary old factory building.  It really doesn’t look much worse after more than a half century!  The glass entrance doors have been replaced by heavy steel, and the first floor windows are protected by metal grills.  Otherwise it is the same old dump.

In my senior year I had to raise and lower the flag every day. I bet this is the same flag poll – but not the same flag!  That curved structure is the only new thing since my days.

Depressing, isn’t it!

I was saddened to find my favorite lunch spot across the street, Al’s Diner, all closed and boarded up.  I had planned to have a hot dog there.  Boo Hoo!  Too Bad!  So Sad!  – Time Marches On!  I couldn’t bear the thought of taking a photo.

Here’s a neat short video of my drive on Interstate 77 through a one mile tunnel under East River Mountain.  The entrance is in West Virginia and the exit is in Virginia.

Here I was traveling through Charlotte, North Carolina, also on Interstate 77. at the very start of the morning rush hour.  It was great timing because I was able to zip through quickly.  There was one short slowdown at the five minute mark that I could find no explanation for.  We just slowed to a crawl for a short period, then immediately picked up.  Even watching the video closely I could not find a reason.


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